Why We Exist

In 2006, Brian Cauble entered the Information and Engineering Management (IEM) program at UAB to earn a Master’s degree.  Although he was working full-time and his career was growing in responsibility and salary each year, Brian felt that something was missing, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was.

While earning his MBA, Brian enrolled in several technical entrepreneurship classes. Learning about the creation of tech companies sparked his imagination.  He didn’t realize it yet, but he was setting the stage to launch his first company, Appsolute Genius.

At the same time, Andria Jensen was a young senior programmer working for Brian at a local software company.  She had always been passionate about software and, like Brian, was doing well in her career, but she was also growing restless with both the job she performed each day and the company she worked for.

Brian and Andria were working together on software that they didn’t believe in, for a company that they no longer loved. They were looking for a way to make a positive change in their own lives and a difference in the lives of others.

In 2008, Brian had an “aha” moment  — you might say he was bit by the entrepreneurial bug — and he decided he would create a company someday soon.

Brian knew immediately that he wanted to start a company with Andria, whose judgment and expertise he already trusted implicitly. Fortunately the trust was mutual, so when he ran the idea by her, she was very interested.

Both Brian and Andria had lots of ideas for potentially viable start-ups, but didn’t know exactly what they would do or how they would turn their dream into a reality.  They spent 2008 dreaming up ideas and considering possible businesses.  By the time fall began to drift in, they felt pretty sure they wanted to start a mobile software development company in a very, very new field of mobile development.

In the fall of 2008, Apple’s App Store was just months old, and the iPhone was quickly changing the way people felt about and interacted with phones.  At that time, it seemed as if everyone was buzzing about the iPhone and its quickly growing library of apps. It was already obvious that there would be endless possibilities for this new technology trend. Armed with plenty of Apple devices, Andria and Brian quickly became an enthusiastic part of the Apple fan base. They both agreed that apps were the future of mobile, and they decided to start an app development firm.

By early 2009, Brian and Andria were ready to pull the trigger.  Brian resigned from his old job so he could focus on building Appsolute Genius, while Andria continued to work full-time at both her day job and Appsolute Genius. Later that year, Andria also left her old job and joined Brian full-time so they could both be 100% dedicated to growing the company.

It was in February 2009 that their first iPhone app was created and Appsolute Genius was officially born. They embraced the purpose of enhancing the mobile devices people use each day, and making the lives of those who use them easier by doing so. They love making mobile devices easy, fun, and useful for people at all levels, from a tech-savvy hipster to a grandmother with her first smartphone.

Looking back, Brian and Andria are proud of devoting three years to building a fast-growing company while learning at an even faster rate.  They say that it has been a true challenge, but one worth every second to be part of creating Appsolute Genius.

Now Brian and Andria love what they do, and it comes across in the services they provide. They truly believe in making products that help companies meet their goals and make their customers’ lives better. If you meet with them, you will understand their passion and excitement for the endless possibilities of mobile applications.

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