How to Find Your Mobile App’s Audience


How to Find Your Mobile App’s Audience

This week we’re going over a few issues that mobile app entrepreneurs may need help with as they begin planning their mobile app.

Many entrepreneurs who approach us with a mobile app idea start by answering the question, “Who will use your mobile app,” with the blanket answer of “everyone.”

While it is true that you may have come up with a brilliant idea for an app that can help a large audience of users, chances are that your app will not, in fact, be useful to everyone.  So we work with our entrepreneurs to narrow down specific use cases and examples to paint a picture.

Start by answering the following questions about your app:

  • When will your app be used?
  • Where will your app be used?
  • Who is your ideal CUSTOMER for this app?

These three questions are just a jumping-off point to help you develop a more specific target market.  The last question can sometimes be the most important, as it is tied into another question we will address in a later blog post: how you will monetize your mobile app or gain an ROI with your mobile app.

What are your answers?

Martha Jean (you can also call her MJ) is passionate about marketing, advertising, sales, and — most importantly — technology and mobile apps. She currently serves Appsolute Genius clients from her post in Atlanta, Georgia, and enjoys helping mobile app entrepreneurs succeed. Tweet with her at @mjschindler.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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