How Will You Monetize Your Mobile App?


How Will You Monetize Your Mobile App?

Most budding entrepreneurs start their venture into the mobile app space with a very cool idea, but not all budding entrepreneurs know how to monetize that idea.

At Appsolute Genius, we often advise our clients on different ways they may be able to monetize their mobile app.  Here are a few basic ideas that we usually start exploring:

  • Sell your app at a reasonable market rate instead of making it free
  • Sell advertisements, sponsorships, and promotions through your app
  • Enable in-app purchases
  • Join an affiliate program and incorporate it into your app
  • Sell analytics or lead generation through information gathered through your app

In a future blog post we will explore all of these different options.  Which one is right for your app?

Martha Jean (you can also call her MJ) is passionate about marketing, advertising, sales, and — most importantly — technology and mobile apps. She currently serves Appsolute Genius clients from her post in Atlanta, Georgia, and enjoys helping mobile app entrepreneurs succeed. Tweet with her at @mjschindler.

photo credit: EricGjerde via photopin cc

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