Android Tablet Application Development

Approximately three out of four American enterprises have adopted the tablet in some way.  And as of September 2012, 500 million Android devices have been activated globally.  With all these Android devices in use, many choose to use Android tablets for the familiar look, feel, and features.  Android phones and tablets offer the power and processing capacity to allow for apps that can support your internal business needs and engage your customers in ways not possible before.

All this power and ability offers an amazing, often confusing, number of choices. At Appsolute Genius, our team of executives and developers will work with you to create the apps you need for your specific business, and avoid unnecessary features.

From the first Android release, “Cupcake”, through “Donut”, “Éclair”, all the way through “Ice Cream Sandwich” and “JellyBean” (Android 4.1), the operating system continues to add valuable features and power. Every Android update comes with new abilities that will be time-consuming to research, understand, and evaluate to see if they will benefit your business.  You do not have time to undertake all of that, but we do.  At Appsolute Genius, we constantly analyze the potential of the platform to bring our clients the best choices for their application.

Can’t even keep up with all the newest (food named) operating systems without starving? Our knowledgeable Android application developers know how to best use such building blocks as tabs, grid lists, spinners, seek bars, dialogs, and pickers.  Not sure how to use these features in your business?  Not to worry. Our team will, and will help you evaluate them without requiring you to learn Java or Linux.

Many consumers who own an Android Tablet also own an Android Phone.  Whether you already have an Android Phone app that you want to customize for Android Tablet , or if you are wanting an Android Tablet-only app idea, our app development team can make your apps cross-compliant with both the Android Tablet and Android Phone  and  development standards, making your app usable on both devices.

Besides our knowledge and experience in Android app development, we offer you our extensive understanding of the Android marketplace.  Appsolute Genius has the ability to guide you right from the planning stage to the completion of your personalized  Android  application.

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